Jasper Really Floats Our Boat

We grew up super close to Jasper and it is honestly one of our favourite places to visit. For some reason, we hadn’t been back in two years so this visit was completely overdue. Just like any of the national parks, camping was hard to find, and luckily, our friends went out early on Friday morning to snag us some spots.

We ended up camping at Wilcox Campground which is right by the Columbia Icefields. Because of this, the temperature dropped even lower than it would have near town, and we were freezing over night! Luckily, this happened to us the last time we camped in Jasper so we came prepared with hand and feet warmers, extra socks, extra pants, and even winter jackets.

We were a little worried for our rafting adventure on Saturday since we woke up to rain, and it seemed to follow us on our drive into town. Luckily, the rain stopped just before we got on the river and the sun came out for the duration of our trip. We had such a blast on the river and would do it again in a heartbeat.

After our river float, we went for lunch at Jasper Pizza, explored around Pyramid and Annette Lakes, and even tested out a few beers at the Jasper Brewing Co. Check out the video to see how everything turned out!

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