Summer ’19 Bucket List

Last summer was a bit of a write off for us. We were pretty depressed and literally just sat in our living room, with the blinds closed, and watched Netflix most weekends. Which, if you know us, you know that that’s completely out of character for us once the nice weather hits. So this summer we want to make the most of it, since we definitely won’t be sitting in our living room the whole time, and have created a list of things we’d like to accomplish before the end of summer!

  • Sunrise paddle at Lake Louise
  • Do at least 10 new hikes
  • Read at least 3 new books
  • Go to Drumheller
  • Sunrise hike
  • Bungee jump (Amanda) – Tessa did it in Whistler, and I bitched out.
  • Visit Greece
  • Go to a music festival
  • Longboard at least 5 times
  • Eat Chicago deep dish in Chicago
  • Each Chicago style popcorn in Chicago
  • Do a patio bar hop
  • Visit Vancouver
  • Ride the pipe coaster in Revy
  • Go to at least 15 workout classes a month
  • Go cliff jumping at Castle Falls
  • Go on a bike picnic
  • Go to Hotel Arts pool
  • Go to Telus Spark
  • Eat a Stroopwaffle in Amsterdam
  • Eat 3 weird foods at the Calgary Stampede
  • Have a lake day
  • Go mini golfing
  • Get boyfriends – hey we heard that you need to set intentions, and write them down so they happen!

Some of these tasks will be pretty easy to complete, since we’re already going to Greece and a music festival (in Chicago if you couldn’t tell by some of the other tasks), but some will be more of a challenge. We’ll make sure to update this as we complete our tasks and to do an updated blog post at the end of the summer with how each task went. Make sure to follow along, and if you have any other suggestions of things that we can try to accomplish this summer, let us know!

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