Oh! Canada

Canada is such a marvellous country that it becomes hard to describe to people who have never been here. I remember last year while travelling telling people about caesars, colourful money, and our prime minister. One guy even thought that we were making everything up. Granted we do make a lot of stuff up, maple syrup scented money and a great maple syrup heist does sound pretty fake to an outsider. None the less, we absolutely LOVE this country of ours.  20150627_113414

Here’s a funny little story, a year ago we didn’t love Canada at all. We were tired of the every day routines that we had fallen into. We were tired of the revolting rednecks. We were tired of people blaming government for the oil prices. We were just tired of everything that this place had to offer – hence our sudden departure last May. Here’s the thing though, you don’t realize what you have until you leave. While we were gone we realized how great Canada was. While gone a few major things happened in the world: Donald Trump was looking more and more like an actual candidate for president, the Orlando shooting happened, we went to places where you actually had to buy water every where you went because the tap water was so bad, and we also went to places where the farthest city away from a town was a half an hour drive. All of those things (plus many others) made us realize how grateful we are to live in such an open minded and beautiful country.

In honour of Canada turning 150 years old (you go girl!) we though we would compile a list of the things and places that we love most about Canada!

1.) The people: After being away from Canada you really start to realize that the stereotypes about Canadians are totally true. This is one of those times that being like a stereotype is a great thing. Canadians are stereotypically really nice and friendly. While travelling, we met some great people form other countries but most of the time our favourite people to hang out with were the other Canadians. Canadians know how to party and how to travel. At one point someone asked us if all Canadians do is travel because they had met so many of us on their trip. While travelling, we even started to realize that even the worst rednecks we have here aren’t as bad as some other people. Long story short, we met a rich white American girl who insisted that America didn’t have a race or class problem…a day later 3 black men were shot at point blank range. But yes, they don’t have any issues.

2.) Caesars: IF YOU EVER LEAVE THIS IS WHAT YOU”LL MISS MOST… well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s pretty close. The first big trip we went on a wise Canadian traveller had packed a giant jug of Clamato with him to “get the girls”. That idea stuck with us and when we left we each had planned to bring a bottle (to get boys obviously). Turns out we could only fit one but for a little bit in Thailand we were living the high life drinking Chang and clam on the beach. imgres

3.) Ketchup Chips: Again, another thing you will miss greatly when you don’t have it. Everyone always thinks ketchup chips are gross, but if you think that you deserve to have your citizenship revoked.

6.) Being a hop, skip and jump from some AMAZING national parks: This summer we have gone to so many awesome places already and it’s just began. From our apartment it takes an hour and a half to get to banff, under four hours to get to jasper, two and a half to get to Waterton, and just under three to get to Golden. These are places that people fly from all over the world to see and we have them at our disposal anytime of the year. It’s great. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


7.) Justin Trudeau: Just the other day we saw a photo of him walking in the Toronto pride parade, high fiving people, while wearing rainbow socks. Do you think this would happen in the country just south of us? We’re gonna take a long shot guess here and say no. Yeah sure Alberta (cough *rednecks*cough) are blaming him for the demise of oil prices, but let’s be real it’s not his fault that the markets shit. If you have half a brain you realize how amazing it is to have a leader who is so progressive and open minded about so many issues.

8.) lululemon: We’ve noticed that this is a more west coast Canadian thing but go around asking girls (and even guys now) and most of them will own at least one thing by lululemon. At first we were totally against buying things from there. It was always so expensive and being in school we just couldn’t justify it. BUT that being said it’s totally worth the price. We’ve had leggings that we’ve owned since we became friends that are still in great shape. If you want leggings that don’t fall, sports bras that hold your boobs, and shirts that don’t stink we highly suggest that you bite the bullet and buy a piece or 2. Plus, their clothing is so versatile and it’s great for travelling (hello anti-stink in tropical places)

10.) Winter: As much as we hate how long it can be, being able to experience all of the seasons is pretty cool. There’s something magical about the first snowfall when it hits…until you realize that everyone’s forgotten how to drive in the snow. But hey, makes up for it with the fun winter activities we have that some people will never get to experience like show-shoeing and snowboarding!


11.) Hockey: Nothing beats the atmosphere of a Canadian hockey game. Everyone in the country gets so enthralled during hockey season…never mind the playoffs. As we predicted in a previous blog post, the Oilers did make the playoffs because we didn’t live there anymore. The energy that was surrounding those 2 series that they had was insane. If you haven’t been to a Canadian city during playoffs we suggest you do it! except calgary… you couldn’t even tell their team made it this year

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

12.) The Beibs: Sure he’s had a bit of a rough go the past few years but there’s no denying that he’s been putting out the bangers as of late. Before we went to Thailand we flew to Vancouver to see him. Everyone laughed at us for doing it but honestly that boy puts on one hell of a concert.

13.) Letterkenny: If you haven’t seen this show stop reading this right now and go and watch it. If you’ve ever lived in a small town you will relate on a whole different level to show. Heck, even if you’ve just lived in Canada in general. Hockey boys, rednecks, and skids. We don’t really have to explain it anymore. FERDA

14.) Poutine: Where to even begin with this magical creation? Sure fries covered in cheese and smothered in gravy sounds disgusting to the unsuspecting but as soon as you try it you’ll know why Canadians are crazy about their poutine..even McDonalds sells it here now. imgres-2

15.) Maple Syrup: Last but not least the sweet nectar of the Canadian gods.

Sure there are still a few things we hate cough* how expense flights are * cough but you know what, you deal with those little misfortunes when the rest of the reasons for living in Canada are so amazing!

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