Couple of Goal Diggers

One of my inspirations when I was growing up was the Buried Life. From the first time that I had watched their show I was completely hooked. They were just four normal Canadian guys who were out to live their dreams and accomplish things off a list that they had created. The whole aspect of it really stuck with me, I honestly hadn’t really realized how much it had impacted me until recently. I was always big into creating “to do” lists for the years. I would make one at the beginning of the year and during summer and at the end I would look back and see how much I had accomplished off of it. I find that writing down the things I want to accomplish helps me achieve it faster. Tessa and I had made a bucket list last year but we realized that it really only involved travel things that would take us at least a few years to accomplish everything off of it. So, we decided that this year we would actually write out some goals that we really wanted to accomplish in hopes of sticking to them. This is what we have came up with so far for this year:

  • Run a half marathon in 2.5 hours or less: Everyone knows we’re super impulsive and that even holds true for signing up for races. A few summers ago we started running thinking that we would be able to run a marathon by the end of it. We never actually signed up for it but we did keep running. We decided that what better time to run a race than no anyways and signed up for the super white girl seawheeze. We’re even trying to aim for a pretty good time as well so hopefully this snow stops soon so we can start our training outside…because ya know treadmills just really suck.
  • Get drunk on a plane: We have always wanted to do this for some reason, don’t ask why.
  • Go on a trip: We honestly didn’t think that we would be able to go on a trip anytime soon. We both have real jobs, new cars, and rent to pay so it seemed a little far fetched. We were looking at trips to mexico and realized that it was just as expensive to go there for a week as it was to go to Bali for 3 sooo HELLO BALI!
  • Embracing winter: This is a HUGE one for us. One of the reasons that we left Canada was to escape the winter. There’s just something about the dreariness of winter that really gets to ya. So this year we have made a vow to try more winter activities, get outside more in the winter, and really just embrace it. We can’t change it so may  as well accept it now.
  • Trying one new thing a month: It was really hard to try new things when we were both in school and didn’t have much money. There are so many cool restaurants, fitness clubs, and places to see around here that we have also decided to do this. It also really helps us step out of our comfort zones and step out of routines too since we constantly are getting bored.
  • Get on the Amazing Race Canada: As you may know we tried and didn’t get on. SO! We’re planning to get as much footage as we can through all of our adventures this year to make an even better video to hopefully get ourselves on the show. I know that one day we will succeed. We’re too ridiculous to not be on the show.
  • Hike the triple crown: The triple crown is the three major hikes in Waterton. Crypt Lake, Alderson Carthrew, and Akima RIdge. If you do all three in one summer you get your name on a wall plus a t-shirt (and we will do anything for a t-shirt), cant beat that right? We’ve already done 2/3 hikes but not in the same summer.
  • Find the good about living in Calgary: When we first moved here we absolutely hated it. We didn’t have jobs and just felt like everyone that we were meeting were just terrible people compared to our friends in Edmonton. It’s hard to see the good in a place when you aren’t in a good place yourself. Luckily, things have started to look up and we are starting to find the good about living here more than we have before.
  • Get our fitness on at least 4x a week:
  • See more live shows: One of the greatest things about Edmonton was the Starlite room. We saw Imagine Dragons and KONGOS there just to name a few. There’s something so amazing about seeing one of your favourite bands live in an intimate environment. We missed out on some sweet live shows when we were in school and the fact that we had been travelling for a while. It’s definitely time to catch up with that.

We shared our goals with you so now it’s time for you to share yours with us! What are some of the goals that you have for this year or maybe even in your life time?


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