What would you do if there was nothing stopping you?

When people think of a “normal” life, many go straight to the 9 to 5 job and having a family. People don’t think that following your dreams is normal and the people that do it are viewed as unconventional and risky. Sure, it may b12715233_971410112895840_5014013164270308065_ne a risk to give up the perfect 9 to 5 job and leave your family behind, but why not go after the things you love now instead of sitting around fifty years from now wishing you had done things differently.

Whenever my best friend and I would think about our lives, we always knew that travelling and exploring was one of the main things that we wanted to do. But, whenever we told people about these dreams, they would look at us like we were insane. They would start to question us about how our family would feel, about how our nonexistent boyfriends would feel, and what we would even be able to do for work. Hearing this from people didn’t deter us from travelling, in fact it made our resolve stronger. Everyone always ask’s us what we’re going to do when we get back to “real life” but what they don’t understand is that this is real life for us. Real life for us isn’t having a house, or a baby, or a husband, or even a steady job. Reality for us is stepping foot into as many different countries as possible, climbing as many mountains as we can, pulling as many all nighters as our livers can handle and learninimg_3606g about as many different cultures as possible. These people that continuously question our way of life are going to look pretty silly when they’re asked what they wish they would have done differently in their lives.

We’ve compiled a list of things that we want to be able to accomplish. Some of these things may seem a little far fetched, but hey, it’ll be that much better when they can get crossed off the list.

  1.  Get scuba certified in Koh Tao
  2. Go cage diving with sharks
  3. Experience Holi
  4. Experience Songkran in Thailand
  5. Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Asia
  6. Go to the Winter Olympics in 2018
  7. Teach in a different country
  8. Hike a volcano for sunrise
  9. Hike the Triple Crown in Waterton in one summer
  10. Hike the West Coast Trail
  11. Fly somewhere for a concert
  12. Hike the Inca Trail
  13. Go to the Gili Island’s  
  14. Find Nessy in Scotland
  15. Scubadive to the ruins in Alexandria, Egypt
  16. Live in Europe
  17. Travel the Trans Siberian Railway
  18. Go to the Tomatina Festival
  19. Ride a camel in the Sahara Desert
  20. Hot air balloon over the temples in Burma at sunrise
  21. Learn to surf
  22. Go to Carnival in Brazil
  23. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  24. See a Stanley Cup playoff game
  25. Roadtrip across Canada
  26. Visit a monastery in Tibet
  27. Get tattoo’d by a monk
  28. Learn a different language
  29. Boat Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  30. Attend a music festival in Europe
  31. See the Spice Girls live
  32. Play with penguins in South Africa/Antartica
  33. Sandboard
  34. Go to a Full Moon Party
  35. Stay in a tree house
  36. Go to the Great Wall of China
  37. Visit the Taj Mahal
  38. Camp in caves in Vietnam
  39. Go to every large roadside attraction in Canada
  40. Hike the Grand Canyon on New Years
  41. Meet Erik Karlsson
  42. Go on a safari in the African Desert
  43. Go see the trees in Madagascar
  44. Go to the pyramids in Egypt
  45. Sky dive over the blue hole in Belize
  46. Start a foundation
  47. Save the manatees in South America
  48. Break into Buckingham Palace
  49. Dip into every ocean
  50. Scuba dive in the black sea
  51. Read a book in the dead sea
  52. Go to Harry Potter Warner Bros studio
  53. Step foot on every continent
  54. Go to the Colosseum in Rome
  55. Learn Yoga from a Guru
  56. Climb a world famous mountain
  57. Run a half marathon
  58. Go to Oktoberfest
  59. Watch the ball drop in New York City on New Years
  60. Go to a hollywood awards show
  61. Drive across North America in a van
  62. Ride an ostrich
  63. Live in Australia
  64. Ride the London Eye
  65. Go to Las Vegas
  66. Go to Northern Canada
  67. Experience Carnaval de Quebec
  68. Visit Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
  69. Throw darts at balloons full of paint
  70. Make a London guard laugh
  71. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands
  72. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  73. Go to a taping of a talk show
  74. Be an extra in a movie
  75. Tell a joke to Will Ferrell
  76. Feel Zac Efron’s abs
  77. Save sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands
  78. Help clean up the oceans and beaches around the world
  79. Save street dogs in Thailand
  80. Experience Amsterdam 😉
  81. Go to the pink lake in Australia
  82. Eat pizza in Italy
  83. Visit doll island in Mexico
  84. Hang out with Llamas in Peru
  85. Go to Iguassu Falls
  86. Go to a popular soccer match
  87. Go to a NFL game
  88. Go ghost hunting
  89. Visit Petra
  90. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
  91. Learn to play an instrument
  92. Have tea with the Queen
  93. Go to Athens to meet Zeus and Hercules
  94. Go hang gliding
  95. Bike to the eiffel tower with a baguette and bottle of wine
  96. Stay in a yurt in Mongolia
  97. Stay in a house boat in a national park
  98. White water raft in the Nile river
  99. Hike up a mountain on every continent
  100. See a sunset/sunrise on every continent
  101. Go to the Amazon Rainforest
  102. Climb a frozen waterfall
  103. See the Redwood Forest
  104. Drive the Oregon Coast highway
  105. See a polar bear in it’s natural habitat
  106. Visit the Buddha Park in Vientiane
  107. Float down a river on a bamboo raft
  108. Wander the streets of Prague
  109. Hike the Na’Pali coast on Kauai
  110. Ring in the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
  111. See the Easter Island heads
  112. Trekking in Nepal
  113. See pandas in China
  114. Find Dracula in Transylvania
  115. Drink vodka in Russia
  116. Hike Trolltunga
  117. Eat brussel sprouts in Brussels
  118. Watch the running of the bulls
  119. Go to the blue town in Morocco
  120. Peggy’s Cove
  121. Eat Texas barbecue in Texas
  122. Eat a deep dish pizza in Chicago
  123. Eat a philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  124. Eat kentucky fried chicken in Kentucky
  125. Eat potatoes in Idaho
  126. Salt flats in Bolivia
  127. Eat Chili in Chile
  128. Eat a sandwich in the Sandwich Islands
  129. Eat pizza at the Leaning Tower of Piza
  130. See the White House
  131. Dance while wearing clogs in Holland
  132. Burj Khalifa
  133. Visit Mount Rushmore
  134. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain
  135. Sing London Bridge is falling down while walking across the London Bridge
  136. Pretend the grounds lava in Pompeii
  137. Play in the Louvre
  138. Hang out on the edge of Victoria Falls
  139. Skate on the Rideau Canal
  140. See the Northern Lights in a different country
  141. Take a boat down the Venice canal
  142. Yodel at the top of a mountain in Switzerland
  143. Fight with the terracotta soldiers in China
  144. Play ice hockey with Vladimir Putin
  145. Find aliens at area 51/53
  146. Spend the night at the catacombs in Paris
  147. Salt mines in Poland
  148. Auschwitz
  149. Anne Frank’s house
  150. Be on the Amazing Race Canada
  151. Successfully pretend to be a wax figure in a museum
  152. Crash a wedding
  153. Day of the dead in Mexico
  154. Do stand up
  155. Wwoofing
  156. Steer a ship

This is the list so far. What are some of the things that you would want to do before you die? If anyone has anymore ideas, or even wants to share what’s on their list please feel free to do so!

2 thoughts on “What would you do if there was nothing stopping you?

  1. Cool list, you guys are adventurous! Accomplishing even a dozen of these things would be very exciting. How about visiting the equator? Or snorkeling the great barrier reef? You could do that and learn to surf at the same time in Australia maybe. Also Macchu pichu in Peru is an amazing world landmark defiantly worth a visit, if you guys haven’t already. Hope your Journeys are fun and awesome!


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